Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Riddle and answer (2)

Riddle and answer (2)

Riddle : If ten birds were sitting on a limb and you shot one, how many would be left?
Answer : None. They would all fly away.

Riddle : If twelve make a dozen, how many make a million?
Answer : Very few.

Riddle : Why isn't your nose twelve inches long?
Answer : Because then it would be a foot.

Riddle : What time is it when an elephant climbs into your bed?
Answer : Time to get a new bed.

Riddle : What's white when it's dirty?
Answer : A blackboard.

Riddle : A doctor, a lawyer, and a boxer are all walking down the street together.
Which one wears the largest hat?
Answer : The one with the largest head.

Riddle : Which season do kangkaroos like the best?
Answer : Spring

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